SAP Plant Maintenance and CMMS for beginners

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SAP Plant Maintenance is experiencing the best growth ERP software and have many modules to makes it easier to use because all SAP module SAP Plant Maintenancewas integrated each other. In the process of business engagement FICO module and also with the MM module is a must, as well as the SAP Plant Maintenance module. SAP PM is a module that was developed to organize, maintain, and monitor all maintenance activities at a plant. It means that this module was developed and integrated with other module allows the module to achieve a complete business process.

And what about the end-user? I prefer to refer to it as the early stages of the introduction of the SAP. I have three years as SAP PM End-User and is always a lot of challenges. When one plant suffered fatal damage (functional location category “A”) we can monitor all activities of maintenance and its MTTR and MTBR, also can analyze the causes, duration of repairs, number of personnel, as well as cost. Cost is the most attention when one plant having problems.

For beginners SAP Plant Maintenance you can learn easily. Because you only need to run an existing business processes. Do not occasionally try to go against the flow, against the business process or out of the business process. You need to take is to live the business processes that are available for SAP Plant Maintenance at several companies already integrated with the module MM, FICO, BW, and others. So that when an error occurs will be many problems that will arise.

SAP Plant Maintenance for End-User

What needs to be considered by the new end-user?

  1. Learn all existing business processes. Because you will not be given direct training on business processes, valuation class of material as well as information relating to all business processes. Because many companies do not want to throw useless expense.
  2. Note and make sure all classification and tagging equipment is available before making reports of damage.
  3. Check your availability at any time. I mean, you need to exploration throughout authorization of SAP PM that you have, because as an end-user you have full authorization to monitor the activity of the plant up to a purchase requisition and purchase orders are published.

As a beginner you will not have any restrictions for authorization and access, because as a whole is that you have access to the full monitor all plant conditions. SAP Plant Maintenance also comes with a useful tool for a beginner, you will not make mistakes when you know your own plant under your control. If you are experiencing problems or other things that are not available in the above, please leave a comment or feedback so that I can help solve your problems.

SAP Plant Maintenance Careers

If you having an experience in SAP Plant Maintenance with minimum level as end-user, below is careers opportunities for you. We suggested you to take SAP Plant Maintenance certification program directly from SAP to increase your career value.

Until this day, the highest salary in SAP world is in SAP Plant Maintenance module.

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