What is SAP in relation to CMMS

SAP is an ERP software can integrated with other modules. SAP having many of modules like SAP FiCo, PM (Plant Maintenance), MM (Material Management), and other many modules. The most famous module is SAP FICO, but SAP PM was the focus module on maintenance that have lot’s of features such as CMMS, controlling material stock (if integrated with SAP MM), and also basically you can controlling daily maintenance schedule. But do not worrying if you have shutdown planning schedule of maintenance cause you also can handle it.

In relation to CMMS, you should make sure SAP ABAP Programmer can handle it. We did not said the SAP not integrated with thisSAP features. In our experience, SAP was develop to handle and update automaticly maintenance schedule and if you want it can be display in screen.

The point to why using SAP is:

  • SAP can handle lot’s of data, big database is not a problem
  • CMMS is what you are looking for? SAP is the answer. Why? This ERP Software work in depth to update, notice you when schedule is done or having problems, and also integrated with other modules. It’s mean you can do maintenance schedule and also do forecast material to controlling stock to prevent maintenance stop due to not having stock.
  • Maintenance cost controlling, more optimum than just doing it manually.
  • Easy to handle daily maintenance schedule

But, what should your know before using SAP as your CMMS software?

  • Make sure your maintenance planner understand how SAP works
  • Do training for new maintenance planner to increase and optimize your maintenance department
  • SAP Administrator should make sure no BoM lost, if it;s happen you can not tracking failure of equipment’s, maintenance reliability and availability, and your will lost machine history report.
  • Prevent SAP end-user to entry failed maintenance data. Why you should prevent it. If maintenance planner entry wrong data it mean your maintenance data will failure and also make a ruin maintenance data.

We have an experience in maintenance world and still find many maintenance planner did not work as well as possible to entry the correct maintenance data. This is the real issue what is the really problem when recruit not a best candidate. If you are looking for SAP Jobs, you can find in our page.

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