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CMMS Software

Maintenance work properly by using CMMS software. When company want to install CMMS in their company, they should prepare lots of preparations and guideline will provide when implementation go live cycle. Maintenance is the crucial cause it’s related to FiCO (financial and Accounting), MM (Material Management), PP (Production Planning), and CMMS software based on ERP is the best solution.

No CMMS software is free. If you find free software, it’s did not mention what maintenance technician needed. SourceFourge have what are you looking for, but i am say it the best choice instead you will get the worst maintenance software. I guess you maintenance technician will not using it.

CMMS Software List

We have several CMMS software with good performance. CMMS and ERP must work properly and integrated each other. When CMMS software did not integrated with ERP, the question is how you can withdraw material without reservation? And how to track material withdraw history?

Below you can find Computerize Maintenance Management Software:

eMaint X3 – it’s a customizable CMMS solution that can work in web-based system and help maintenance technician or maintenance manager to support their facilities management. This software is the best software for specific needed.

Maintenance Connection – By using web-based access, Maintenance Connection software offering specialized homepage access for user based on their role. Maintenance Connection can boost your maintenance team efficiency and best choice for any sized organization in many specialties.

Bigfoot CMMS – Can using in any industry, Bigfoot CMMS can have good features in maintenance management. Bigfoot CMMS provide web-based access and offer onsite or online training for technical support.

HippoFM – Specialization in energy industry, HippoFM is the best CMMS software for organization focusing on environmental performance issue. HippoFM provide well-suite for government, healthcare, higher educations, manufacturing but only for small scale. Not recommended using this software for large scale company and not integrated module.

eRPortal CMMS – Developed to support maintenance work process, eRPortal CMMS provided a powerful suite for flexible asset tracking, maintenance management, and material tracking in ERP based. eRPortal CMMS is the best choice if your company want to have CMMS software have ERP suite.

MicroMain Maintenance Software – Design with for CMMS but have feature for EAM software, MicroMain Maintenance Software can optimize maintenance management and tracking assets. MicroMain Maintenance Software have features for optimize maintenance management with provided asset management, automatic purchase order, material tracking and it;s a simple ERP based software.

Axxerion – Mostly use for property industry but have CMMS software with EAM features make Axxerion becoming best CMMS software with multiple features. Axxerion offering web-based access and recommended for large property types.

Maintenance5000 – Focusing in real asset management and fully customize with CMMS and ERP solution this software easily integrated with existing ERP software.

MaintenanceEdge by FacilityDude – Leading in online tools to provide facility professional, MaintenanceEdge have solution to help streamline maintenance management and mostly use in energy industry.

What is CMMS Software?

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) can help organization to track and do mapping for asset management and controlling costs for maintenance. This included with asset management in any scale of facilities for any scale of company. Small company mean small asset and easier to control it but large company with have many plant means more complex asset management and CMMS software should be integrated with ERP.

CMMS software and EAM System (Enterprise Asset Management) are related each other. CMMS is a departmental application used for maintenance department and EAM is use for enterprise. Physical asset can not be track in CMMS but can do in EAM. Both system can integrated each other to enhance maintenance program. Finance, IT, maintenance, are work closely in EAM, it’s mean CMMS is the best software is integrated with EAM.

CMMS Maintenance Software will reduce your maintenance operating costs. Maintenance department will improve by using CMMS software.

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